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618 Marilyn Zero for Women

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-The "618" is an Anatomica jeans collection with a beautiful silhouette like the golden ratio (1: 1.618).

・ Derived from the golden ratio used in the human body diagram in the circle of the Parthenon, Zeus, and Leonardo da Vinci.

・1930Elderly America DUDE RANCHES (Ranch sightseeingThe world's first women's denim born in the times is the prototype

・ MarilynCompared to, the rise is a little shallow, the width is narrow, and it is characterized by a large tapered toward the hem.

・ Button fries, rivets on the bottom of the hill, cinchback on the back, cloth label, orange and yellow2Play vintages such as tone stitch work faithfully

* We recommend the size of Marilyn I Denim one.

Cotton 100% / Made in Japan