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W.A.V.E.S Dungaree Trousers

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・ Vintage trousers of US Navy women's unit [Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service] vintage trousers

・ A must -see for detailed tags, buttons, buckles made based on vintage, woven tags and named tags with the "W.A.V.E.S" logo, classic urea buttons, and metal buckles for both teeth.

・ Thick straight line with high rise in high waist

・ Tack and back darts on the front that fits the woman's body

・ Specifications of open side opening unique to women's pants

・ Classic scintback specification without belt loop

・ Pattern and sewing that reproduces the “hetauma feeling” peculiar to vintage

・ Reproduce a distorted pocket and stitchwork

・ 100% Cotton / Made in Japan