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・ ANATOMICA developed a wooden type (last) from the original and was born after 12 sample production

・ As you can see from the word “Scientific Shoe Fitting”, which is also written on the insole, it has an “asymmetric inside straight out curve” unique to the Orthodic shoes (medical orthodontic shoes).

・ Hold your feet on the arch, and the toe has a discarded dimension. This creates stress -free comfort

・ Because it is a shoe with a discarded dimension, it is ideal to have nothing to hit your feet.

・ Ideally, you can feel more relaxed on your toes than the shoes you usually wear, and you can feel the arch of the arch.

・ We use a "Vulcanized method" that is not very adopted now, and instead of sewing the upper and rubber sole of the sneaker canvas, it is pressed to achieve a soft comfort that is closer to bare feet.

・ Measure the fitting by the following method to emphasize the importance of the fitting.

・ Made in Taiwan

* About measurement methods using "measurement sheets"

・ Paper measurement sheets can be printed from the following URL. Please be sure to print with "actual size".

・ For the measurement method, there is a detailed explanation in the video of Anatomica's official Instagram (@anatomica_tokyo_nihonbashi).

・ If you are worried about the size, we also accept inquiries by phone to each store.

・ If you already have it or have already measured at a directly managed store, there is no problem with that size.

・ Prepare: paper measurement sheet, tape, pen, box -shaped one

1. Print the paper measurement sheet (Print the A4 size paper with "actual size". If the printing size is shifted, the measurement value will be shifted as it is.)

2. Make a valley folding along the "Guide Line" of the paper measurement sheet.

3. Place a box -shaped thing (books and magazines can be substituted) along the wall, and fix the valley folding side of the measured sheet to the floor with a tape.

4. Combine the heel to "Guide LINE", and if it is the left foot, the inside of the left foot is followed with the vertical "Guide LINE". At this time, please stay under the body and look directly below. Mark with a pen to the point where the longest part of your feet points. (Be careful not to damage your toes.) That is the customer length. If you lean forward, or on the contrary, you may choose the wrong size if you are on the back.

5. Similarly, measure the other leg. Most people have the left and right differences of their feet. Measure both feet and select the longer size. If you are worried about the width of your feet and the height of the instep, please be sure to contact us. We recommend that you take a picture from directly and contact us. Depending on the width and instep, it may be recommended to shift the half size back and forth than the size shown by the foot length.

* If you have any questions such as size, please contact us for inquiries, chat, or store Anatomica Nagoya TEL052-253-8861