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RMFC Annelle Vest Tan

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・ A model that uses the classic "Christie vest" of the Rocky Mountain Feather Bed as a ladies' specification.

・ The fabric isUses 70 denier's original nylon taffeta.

・ Use water -repellent down from Europe for down.

・ Water -repellent processing is applied to the down itself, and the specifications that can maintain heat retention even in bad weather are realized.

・ Exquisite percentage of down 90 % feather 10 % to achieve 700FP high heat retention.

・ Leather yoke is a combination of tannins and chrome.

・ Lightness and heat retention are much improved by making a three -layer structure (fabric/feathers/fabric).

・ 100% NYLON / Made in Japan

◆ About product specifications and individual differences

Our products are carefully sewn in Japan.

・ Due to the characteristics of natural leather, there may be color unevenness and scratches in the leather parts and mouton parts. This is a natural mark and is a proof of natural leather. There are individual differences in the texture, but please enjoy it as a characteristic of natural leather.

・ The edge of the leather may rise. This is a design characteristic, so please understand.

・ If you are worried about drying or curing the leather, please use a nutrient with an leather cream or the like.

・ To take advantage of the characteristics of feathers, the fabric requires a certain amount of breathability. As a result, the balloon of the feathers is inevitable. If the feathers blow out from the surface of the fabric, do not force them out, but pull the feathers from the back to the inside of the product.

・ For other handling, please check the handling display on the product.