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・ Espadrille is a very popular shoe in the hot weather.

・ Famous for his favorite painter Salvador Dali

・ Espadrille is a type of folk shoes that were allegedly worn by Marines in the Basque region

・ The sole is made from a twisted rope, which is made from a jute (mais), which is also a feature of Espadrille, and then puts a thin rubber sole from above to consider durability.

・ The design itself is a classic lace -up specification, and it feels unique to the appearance.

・ Made in Spain

* Please select 1-2 sizes above the normal size (for example, JP / 26.0cm = US / 8 = DALI / 43)

* If you have any questions such as size, please contact us for inquiries, chat, or store Anatomica Nagoya TEL052-253-8861