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Single Raglan Coat Ventile

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・ Anatomica's classic single rag -run coat that has a classic silhouette but also has a stylish element.

・ Usually use two fabrics, one fabric is used in a cylindrical shape.I am making a raglan sleeve.

・ There is a large room and a beautiful A -line silhouette.

・ Used British Ventile (Ventile) fabric.

-Intile (Ventile) is a high -density fabric that is used by driving cotton yarn to the limit, raising the density of the weaving machine than the limit, so that the life can be protected even in the cold sea during World War II. , The British Air Force Pilot has been developed as water -resistant clothes.

・ Ventile (ventile) fabric is three most distinctive features: waterproofing, windproof, and penetration, and water molecules are woven at a high density that cannot be passed through the thread and thread fibers, so they are waterproof. It is excellent in windproof and has a penetration, so it doesn't get hot.

・ 100 % Cotton / Made in Japan


* Size 38 can be worn by women.