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TENUGUI pattern

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・A spring/summer staple [tenugui].

- Both ends are treated so that it can be used as an accent around the neck like a scarf.

*Please note that the color may transfer due to sweat or friction when you first use it.

*When washing, please wash by hand with plenty of water.



1~4, 6~11, 13, 15, 16, 20, 22~26, 28, 29: Approx. 37cm x approx. 98cm

27: Approximately 33cm x approximately 96cm

21: Approximately 33cm x approximately 97cm

14: Approximately 33cm x approximately 98cm

5, 17: approx. 37cm x approx. 90cm

19: Approximately 37cm x approximately 96cm

12, 18: approx. 38cm x approx. 98cm