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・ A 1935 model work shirt from one of the brands representing American workwear [BIG YANK].

・ A classic chambray material, a distinctive indigo shano bray material called "Beta Shan", and a natural color material containing a unique weave.

・ A stress -free line with plenty of plenty of comfort while working while working, and a pattern that is faithful to the long vintage on the front body.

-The iconic left and right asymmetrical pockets placed on both chests are commonly known as "gachapoke", and the left chest pockets are bag -shaped, so even if you put cigarettes, they are devised so that they do not become moist. 。

・ A vertical pocket with a pen is placed on the right chest.

-The sleeves are "Storm Cuffs" specifications that omit the sword rags so that they do not get caught or caught in the machine.

・ 100 % Cotton / Made in Japan


* There is a shrinking of about 1-2 cm length and 0.5 to 1 cm in length due to drying sun drying after washing.

* There may be some errors in the shrinkage depending on the color.