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・ GHQ founder Daclas MacArthur's first wife Henrietta Louise Louise Cronwell Chino Pants for women

・ Characterized by a silhouette with plenty of room around the buttocks according to the female skeleton.

・ Both side seams and instrumentals are sewn, and slash pockets are placed according to the seams.

・ Not only is it easy to get a hand in the pocket, but the silhouette does not spread on the side and has a refreshing impression.

・ The fabric is the same fabric, which is the same fabric as Anatomica's standard pants CHINO II, and has a high -density, glossy, high -quality original Chino cross.

・ 100% Cotton / Made in Japan

* After washing, there is a shrinkage of about 1 to 1.5cm in the waist and an inseam of about 1.5 to 2.0cm due to sun drying.