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-Before the designer Pierre Fulnier started Anatomica, the long -established Austrian knit maker "Fanni Lemmermayer", which was handled at a select shop called "Hemesphere" since 1979, has been operated since 1979.

-Cardigan is made with a special method called "Pearl Edition", which has high vertical and horizontal elasticity, using only the finest alpacauru duplic in the Andes Highlands, and both sides are also woven in both sides.

・ Changed to a traditional silhouette with a short length and plenty of body width due to bespoke.

・ "1Ply" is a thin but heat retention, so it is ideal as a winter jacket inner.

・ 100 % Alpaca Wool / Made in Austria


* Because it is a knit material, there may be some errors and individual differences. In advanceplease note that.

* The sleeve length is measured by turning the ribs back.