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Der Sammler Solo by Schwarzenbacher 1759 Classic Laced Up Shoes Vintage Leather

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・ Named from the name of the town being manufactured [Schwarzenbacher/Schwarzenbacher] and [Der Sammler Solo/The appearance of a new sneaker made with a double name of Diazamura solo.

 ・ A German sneaker designed by our representative temple Kinji.

・ Luxurious leather is used for the tongs and insole cushions.

・ Olvary is used by our French army for pistol holders.

・ Classic sneakers that emphasize comfort and design.

・ The shoelace comes with white and olive,You can use it according to your preference.

EU size notation.

・ Upper 100%Cattle Leather, Sole 100%Rubber / Made in Germany


* The size table is just a guide.

* The size varies slightly depending on the shape and width of the foot.

* Please see for reference only.